Why digitize materials?
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Within a few months we are going to release an online library of 3D materials which will be connected to worldwide manufacturers of surfaces.
How does it work?
What is PBR?
PBR materials are the basis of realistic visualization
What is PBR
PBR materials consist of various maps describing different properties of real-life materials

There are two types of workflow (texture sets) for PBR materials. Specular/Glossiness and Metal/Roughness workflow. We have PBR materials for both.

Ambient occlusion
Normal map
Example of usage
With PBR materials you can show your product in any imaginable environment
fabric over bar stool
kitchen island
kitchen cabinet
wooden floor
Cloudy Onyx
kitchen countertop
English decor
foot stool
armchair upholstery
Soft Tone
wooden floor
English Oak brown
armchair legs
brick facade
Panel system
wood façade (cladding)
conrete floor
gravel 8/16
Prefa falz
steel panels
How can you digitize your material?
Contact us, and we will digitize two of your materials for free.
Contact us
Option 1
I have a photo or a scan of my material...

Super! Send us your images and we will do the rest. We can enlarge your images using artificial intelligence to up to twice the original size without any loss of quality. We will make your images fully seamless with no repetition of texture. Then we will create a whole texture set, which physically describes the PBR material to get a realistic result.

Option 2
I don’t have any scan or a photo...

No problem! We will process your material from scratch. We use a professional industrial scanner with a scanning area of 1.5 by 2.5 m. The scan resolution is up to 15,000 pixels, thus preserving the smallest details of your material, and we can recalculate the elevation of the material’s surface to acquire high-precision information about its height.

Watch the scanning process
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We connect architects and surface manufacturers through architectural visualisation
  • As an architect

    You are always looking for particular materials or products for your architectural visualisation to present your project in a realistic and credible way. Afterwards, you have to find their equivalents on the market to give your client what they are expecting.

  • As 3D artist

    You are happy to have a library of pre-prepared materials, which saves you time by you not having to create your own material from scratch.

  • As a manufacturer

    Of any kind of surface (wooden floorboards, fabrics, plaster etc.), you want architects to know your company and its products.

What do we provide?
For Architects
Looking for a nice floor or material for a façade? No problem!

Choose the best material for your project, make a visualisation for your client and buy a surface in the real world.

For 3D Artists
Texture sets for both Specular/Glossiness and Metal/Roughness workflow

Explore PBR materials and 3D models from real worldwide manufacturers.

For Manufacturers
There is no material or model we can't handle!

Scan and postprocess your material or model, provide it through our website and architects will get to know about your company and its products.

The library
Creates a win-win situation for everyone in the project

We are building a new type of online platform to propagate and distribute industry-standard surface digitalization. Our library will be financed by user subscriptions following the most successful models from other industries. It helps subscribers to get standardized professional-grade content related to real-world products. The manufacturers can freely offer their collections via the application and establish a new type of cooperation with professionals and customers. Take the advantage and be a part of the release!


Professionally processed PBR materials


Usable in any professional 3D software


Free advertising space for manufacturers and free limitless storage for their data


Direct link from each material to its producer’s website


One place for architects and designers to discover new materials and brands


Significant reduction of time spent on unnecessary repetitive procedures.

You ask — we answer
Frequently asked questions
What does it cost?

Publishing your materials in the library is free of charge.

You pay only for the processing of each of your material, but once it is processed, architects and designers can work with your products forever in any 3D software! Please contact us for further information about the price of digitalisation.

Can I try to digitise a few of my materials for free?

Yes! If you want to try it first, we can process two of your materials to PBR standard for free. Contact us for further information.

Why digitize my materials?

Digitized materials bring you new possibilities in your marketing communication. With them, your materials might be presented in any imaginable environment. You can show your material in a futuristic house on a tropical coast or a cosy chalet in the mountains. The possibilities are endless.

Why should I publish my material in your library?

Our library is a complex web application with dedicated tools ensuring fluent workflow between architects, designers and manufacturers. From each of your materials in our library, there will be a direct link to your website. So, architects and designers can easily download your PBR materials through our web application, work with them immediately, explore your website and discover your brand and products.

Is it worth to publish only a few of my materials in the library?

Yes! From each of your material published within our library will be a direct link to your website. So, one material means one link to your website and chance to discover your brand and its products. More materials = more links = more chance to discover your brand.

I already have my PBR materials. Can I publish them within your library?

Yes! We will be grateful for your PBR materials. We will check their quality, and if it's ok, we will publish them in our library for free. We offer you limitless storage and place from where architects and designers can easily download your data and discover your brand.

What is unique about Reawote in comparison with other existing libraries?

Our library connects the functionality of advanced web libraries for PBR materials well established in the 3D modelling world and classical online libraries from the field of architecture and engineering. Architects and other professionals need PRB materials for visualisations. Those are currently in PBR libraries with fake materials, unrelated to real products on the market. They also need contacts to possible producers of materials which are available in closed libraries with various unrelated content. Our library connects both – we provide hi-quality PBR materials of real products, for utilisation in 3D visualisations along with profiles of manufacturers and their contact information.

What type of material can I digitise?

You can digitise any type of surfaces! For example, fabrics, woods, concrete, plasters, stones, tiles and even the materials like roof tiles or organic surfaces like grass. Contact us, and we will tell you more.

  • We build community
  • We develop a creative environment
  • We search for and offer the best textures
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